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Are Pets Allowed on MRT, SBS Buses Or Public Transportation in Singapore?

Not all pet owners have a car. So sometimes, we may wonder: Are pets allowed on public transport in Singapore? The straightforward answer is: No.

According to the Rapid Transit Systems Act, it is unlawful to bring animals to railway premises, with the exception of “guide dogs”. According to SBS Transit’s website, “Animals are not allowed on board our buses and trains due to hygiene and religious reasons. But guide dogs accompanying visually handicapped commuters are allowed.”


Are dogs allowed on MRT and buses in Singapore?

Guide dogs are the only animals allowed on public transportation in Singapore. They are “working animals” who help visually impaired individuals move around safely.

They do this by helping their owner walk in a straight line and alert the owner to kerbs, stairs and crowds by stopping. Remember, do not pet guide dogs as they are working!


Are cats allowed on buses on trains when kept in a carrier?

Photo by KiVEN Zhao on Unsplash

Since the reasons for disallowing dogs on MRTs are hygiene and religious one, some pet owners might question whether it is ok to bring cats or other small animals in carriers. After all, the pets will not be in touch with anyone and they cannot dirty the premises.

Well, when a man brought his pet cat onto an MRT in a carrier, SMRT made it clear that no animals are allowed.


Are pets allowed in taxis in Singapore?

According to Land Transport Authority’s regulations, caged or muzzled pets are allowed on taxis, unless for health or religious reasons. Guide dogs need not be muzzled, according to a previous statement by group corporate communications officer of ComfortDelGro.

But just like how taxi drivers reject human passengers based on whether the destination fits their convenience, you might encounter taxi drivers who prefer not to take you if you have a pet. Some taxi drivers are just plain fussy.


Are pets allowed in Grab in Singapore?

There are more than a few anecdotes of Grab drivers kindly allowing pets onboard (even when they are not GrabPet). But the safer choice would be to book a GrabPet as GrabPet rides provide insurance cover for both drivers and pets. Drivers also get pet handling training and will receive an in-car kit for cleaning.

The cost of a ride is usually higher than a normal grab ride, about $7 more. This may vary according to your destination.

All household pets are allowed on GrabPet except birds and they must be crated, leased or in a closed container.


Are pets allowed in shopping malls in Singapore?

Generally most shopping malls operators in Singapore disallow pets to enter. NEX at Serangoon has a dog park facility, but you must use designated lifts and the dogs are not allowed in other areas of the mall.

Again, the exception of this rule is guide dogs. Guide dogs are allowed in shopping malls.


Forum letters have been written on allowing small pets on board public transport, and urging operators to model after the tube in London and the subway in New York. We certainly hope that one day, pets can follow owners on public transport in Singapore too!


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