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Pet-safe Cleaners: Take Note That Dettol Is Not Pet-safe

Everyone’s extra concerned about cleanliness and hygiene these days due to the Covid-19 outbreak. For pet owners, it’s so important to use pet-safe cleaners, in the midst of this paranoia.

By the way, WHO has recently confirmed that that pets cannot pass the virus to humans.

NEA has a list of common household products that can be used as effective disinfectants against the virus. Most of them on the list contain active ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride, chloroxylenol and sodium hypochlorite.

Note: Dettol isn’t safe for pets!

First things first: Many Singaporeans use Dettol at home as it’s a pretty much household brand. Unfortunately, products like Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid, Dettol Antiseptic Germicide and FairPrice Antiseptic Germicide contain chloroxylenol (4.8%), are dangerous for all pets, but especially cats.

Felines are unable to eliminate the toxins if they ingest them. Of course, you wouldn’t feed your cats dettol, but they may lick it off surfaces or skin.

A safer disinfectant ingredient would be sodium hypochlorite. To be even safer, just use very hot water (above 60 degrees) whenever you cat.

Pet-safe cleaners on NEA list of household products

Most of the products that are pet-safe and on NEA list of household products contain sodium hypochlorite. Their household name is bleach. They are corrosive to metals and it is important to dilute it to the appropriate concentration. Check the label before use.

The recommended concentration for general disinfecting is 0.5%. As household bleach is typically 5% to 6%, it needs to be diluted 1:10.

BestChem Bleach Disinfectant Sodium hypochlorite (3.5-4.5%)
Budget Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (3.25%)
Clorox All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (2.4%)
Clorox Bleach Original Sodium hypochlorite (5.25%)
Clorox Clean-Up All-Purpose Cleaner with Bleach (Various Scents) Sodium hypochlorite (2.4%)
Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (1.84%)
Domesto Professional Thick Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (5.2%)
Essential Waitrose Thick Bleach Original Sodium hypochlorite (2.5-5.0%)
FairPrice Anti-Bacterial Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (5%)
Giant All Purpose Household Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (>=5.25%)
HomeNiks Bleach Sodium hypochlorite (3.25%)
Mr Muscle Mold & Mildew Sodium hypochlorite (1-5%)
Yuri Bleach (Various Scents) Sodium hypochlorite (5.25%)

Pet-safe cleaners with plant-based ingredients

The safest pet-cleaners are the ones with plant-based ingredients as they are non-toxic. These are not included in the NEA list of household products, but they are popular among pet owners. You can get Method floor cleaners on RedMart in Singapore.

Method Floor Cleaners

These smell wonderful and you can squirt on the solution and use a damp mop to clean floors. The no-rinse solution means that you don’t need to lug a pail all around.

Seventh Generation Free and Clear All Purpose Cleaner

Seventh Generation is a plant-based cleaner brand. In Singapore, they mostly market their laundry products, but they also have an all-purpose cleaner that is an organic blend of sunflower and coconut.

Apparently this pet-safe cleaner clears stains and mold in the bathroom well and even can cut through grease and grime. The secret seems to lie in triple enzymes. We love that it has no dyes, brighteners, fragrances and are clinically tested to be hypoallergenic.

Baking Soda & Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are literally household products we consume, and they are great cleaning products. Use them together as an effective cleaner!

Clean home, clean pets: Check list

1. Wash hands after petting or playing with pets, their toys, leads, leashes, blankets, bedding, and before preparing or serving food.

2. Trim claws regularly

3. Pets should have their own feeding bowl and serving utensils

4. Use pet-safe cleaners to disinfect the floor area where your pets eat their food and around the litter box. Water, saliva, food and faeces can become hotbeds for bacteria, especially in a hot and humid environment.

5. Watch where your pets step. Muddy paws can track in bacteria and other germs. Keep a spare towel at the door to wipe dogs feet if you can.

6. Avoid using any ammonia-based products, as the ammonia smell may encourage your pet to ‘mark’ the area.

7. Keep cleaning products safely stored in cupboards with caps screwed on tightly, to avoid accidental ingestion.

Pet owners, what pet-safe cleaners do you use to clean your home? Share with us!


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