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One-time Dog Licensing: You Could Save More Than $800 in Fees by End 2020

By the end of 2020, if you own a sterilised dog in Singapore, you will only need to apply for a license once in its lifetime. 

Currently, dog owners pay $35 for a three-year licensing option. Those who are on this scheme right now will be automatically converted to a one-time licence.

The prices of the one-time dog licences are not fully disclosed yet, but senior parliamentary secretary for National Development Sun Xueling said in parliament that owners who opt for the one-time licence could save more than $800 in licence fees over 10 years. 

One-year or two-year licenses will still be made available for dogs who are aged or are in critical condition.

Pet dogs in Singapore need to be licensed and microchipped for traceability issues. In other words, in the event that your dog contracts an infectious disease like rabies, it will be important to trace its whereabouts and health status. 

Yup, kinda like how patients of COVID-19’s have to go through contact tracing.

Other things mentioned in parliament on Mar 4 include enforcement efforts against those who operate a commercial breeding facility without a licence and increasing the standards of veterinary care. 


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