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Best Cat Boarding House & Cattery in Singapore (East): Prices

Live in the East, own a cat, and don’t really have anyone whom you can depend on to cat-sit for you when you go away?

You could be fretting about the upcoming travel season, but count yourself lucky! There are many cat boarding houses and catteries for you to choose from in the East — several in the Joo Chiat area.

Let’s look at some of them, their prices and see what their customers say about them.

To make your life easier, we’ve only chosen cat hotels and boarding houses that provide updates on cats and transportation services (if you require).


Nekoya Cat Hotel & Boarding @ Paya Lebar

Nekoya Cat Hotel & Boarding @ Paya Lebar is the largest one out of 3 outlets by Nekoya. The outlet is designed in a minimalist style, with Catit toys for enrichment.

We like Nekoya for its strict policy on cat vaccinations and health. Cats would have to go through an assessment before they are allowed to board at Nekoya. Other rules apply too: your cat must be sterilised if over 8 months of age, clean with nails clipped and not be FIV or FeLV positive.

They have 15 cabins that can be shared or used singly. Your cat will be fed based on his diet, and he will get interaction time with the caretakers. It’s like a luxurious hotel for your kitty, and you get daily updates to your phone! Don’t worry, it’s not like prison. Your cats are allowed to roam and play at the play lounge.

From now until 29 Feb 2020, you get 15% off your first stay.

Transportation: Available at $20 one-way per cat. Book 2 days in advance

Price:  Up to $33 per night for single cats and up to $54 per night for shared cabins

Address: 797 Geylang Rd, #02-01


Mutts and Mittens @ Guillemard (Lucky Cat Inn)

Mutts and Mittens have two outlets: the one in Sungei Tengah is for dogs and the one in the east at Guillemard is for cats.

What impressed us was the spaciousness that each cat enjoys at Mutts and Mittens. In each cabin, there are hammocks, shelves, cat toys, a big litter box. You also get to log in to watch your cats from the live camera, which is a great plus for helicopter cat parents (aren’t we all).

Customers love the knowledgeable caretakers at Mutts and Mittens, and how they get frequent updates on the cats when they’re away. Apparently, even really nervous cats feel at ease here!

Mutts and Mittens are also active in organising adoption drives, as well as helping to foster and re-home cats.

Transportation: Available at $30 one-way per cat. Book 2 days in advance.

Price: $30 per day per cat

Address: 175 Guillemard Rd

Catopia @ Joo Chiat

Catopia does things a little differently than the previous 2 catteries in the sense that they understand you may have more than 1 cat and have tiered the rooms and prices acccordingly.

The cabins provided come with stainless steel tiles and come with beds and litter pans. If you wish, you can opt to let the cats out to play at certain times of the day.

If you feel like the cabins for single cats are too small, you may want to upgrade to an Executive Room. It basically is the size of a bedroom and is stocked with more toys.

Catopia also requires cats to be vaccinated before they are accepted so prepare your vaccination certificate before you send your cat there.

Compared to Nekoya their rules are slightly more flexible in that they accept un-neutered male cats, but such cats have to stay in their designated space at all times and are not allowed to mingle with the rest.

Transportation: Available at $50 (one-way, up to 2 cats) and $100 (two-way, up to 2 cats). Book 2 days in advance.

Prices: From $38 to $155, depending on room size and period

Type of room  Price per night (Non Peak)  Price per night (Peak)
Single cabin $38  $45
Shared cabin (2 cats)  $65  $75
Shared cabin (3 cats)  $90 $105
Shared cabin (4 cats)  $115 $125
Executive room (up to 4 cats)  $140  $155

5th cat onwards will add on to the cost at $20 per cat per night.

Address: 406B Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427634


Pets Eden @ Joo Chiat

Pets Eden is a spa and salon for pets. They also offer cat boarding. The cabins are spacious floor-to-ceiling glass capsules. The colour theme is predominantly a cool blue and there is soothing music playing throughout the cafe.

The cats are kept in comfortable air-conditioned rooms (2 sizes) and they also get interaction time with the caretakers at Pets Eden. You’ll also get regular updates during your cat’s stay.

They offer $10 off for first-time clients (offer valid until 15 Nov 2019).

Transportation: Available, contact them for prices

Prices: $38 per day for Junior Suite and $48 per day for Premier Suite

Address: 29 Everitt Road, Singapore 428576


Home-based cat hotels

There’s a nifty service in Singapore called petbackers that you can use to look for home-based cat hotels. These are generally run by pet lovers and you can read reviews to see how legitimate they are.


Still prefer to have your cat at home? That’s not a bad option, too. You should check out Pawshake or browse on Carousell for freelance catsitters who would come to your home. The good ones generally cost $40 a day for 2 visits.


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Photo by Kapil Dalal on Unsplash

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